Public Safety

Today, Torreon has become one of the safest cities of the country, where life can be enjoyed to its full extent and where authorities are working harder to mitigate crime.

After high violence rates in 2012, society and government worked together to solve the problem by coordinating efforts between local, state and national authorities, as well as with its citizens.
(SESNSP, 2020)

Lowest violent crime rate since 2015
(SESNSP, 2020)

Steady decline in property crime
(SESNSP, 2020)


215.2 per 100,000 inhabitants, similar to Las Vegas, NV., Seattle, WA., and Phoenix, AZ.
(SESNSP, 2020)


12.2 per 100,00 inhabitants, similar to Las Vegas, NV., Jacksonville, FL., and Dallas, TX.
(SESNSP, 2020)


86.8 per 100,000 inhabitants, lower than most major cities of the US.
(SESNSP, 2020)


56.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, lowest than any major cities and metro areas of the US.
(SESNSP, 2020)

Coahuila is the 6th safest state according to the Mexican Peace Index. 
(IEP, 2019)
The metropolitan area of Torreon has one of the lowest crime rates of the country.
(SESNSP, 2020)
45.2% of the inhabitants feel secure according to the National Survey of Urban Public Security (INEGI-ENSU, June 2019), compared to 26.0% national average.
Torreon has the 8th position of 73 major cities in IMCO's Urban Competitivity Index 2018, regarding the quality of the overall judicial system and security.

Economic Development Team Torreon