Primary Metal Manufacturing

The high number of companies, the relatively high technology and know-how, make Torreon a strategical place to invest in primary metal manufacturing.

This subsector has the highest specialization index, labor productivity and the second highest average wages among the manufacturing subsectors in Torreón. 


Total employement


Gross Production


Value added

Specialization Index

Highest Specialization


 Torreon has 10.38 times more companies in the Primary Metal Manufacturing subsector than the average national level.

Highest Labor Productivity

Primary Metal Manufacturing has a greater labor productivity in Torreon (MXN 1,343.4) than the National average (MXN 506.1).


Besides, labor productivity in the Primary Metal Manufacturing subsector is higher than that of any other activity. 

Labor Productivity by Hour

Average wages per hour


Primary Metal Manufacturing has the highest average wages by hour (MXN 89.38) within the main subsectors, pulled by the higher wages for executives and management (MXN 105.16) and the higher proportion of workers in this category.

Higher average wages mean a higher market value of workers that are better qualified to those in the Total Manufacturing.