Business Oportunities in Torreon

Three subsectors have a strategical value for investors given the specialization index, the labor productivity, yield, added value, wages, growth and FDI companies with those activities have:

  1. Primary Metal Manufacturing

  2. Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing

  3. Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

Primary Metal Manufacturing

The high number of companies, the relatively high technology and know-how, make Torreon a strategical place to invest in primary metal manufacturing subsector. 

Primary metal manufacturing has the highest specialization index, labor productivity and the second highest average wages among the subsectors in Torreon. 



Machinery Manufacturing has the highest value added among the economic activities in Torreon, reflecting the profitable opportunities in the city.


Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

The automotive sector has been an economic engine for Mexico and Torreon in recent years. With a strategical location and a highly available workforce, the city provides profitable investment opportunities in this sector.