Inward Investment

In times global economic uncertainty, Torreon has been destination of high value investment projects. Sign of trust to the city, locals respond with hard work and commitment.

Confidence levels

The Kearney FDI Confidence Index gives Mexico a score of 1.49 in a scale of 3.


The total Foreign Direct Investment for Mexico in 2019 was of 32,921.2 million USD. (Secretaría de Economía, 2019)


The State of Coahuila ranked first place in FDI per capita in 2018 with $1,077.86 USD. (Secretaría de Economía, 2019)


Torreon has been recipient of 13 greenfield investments only in the manufacturing sector, with a total of 325 million USD and 18,552 jobs generated.

Historical Inward Foreign Direct Investment

Historical Foreign Direct Investment for Mexico has remained competitive compared to Canada, China, and India.

For 2019, Mexico received 28,882 million dollars compared to China with 155,815, India with 50,605, and Canada with 44,876.

Cross referencing with countries that compete for investments in similar industries reflects the attractiveness of Mexico as a successful recipient.
(OEC, 2019)

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows, Million USD
FDI Inflows vs Greenfield Investments
Foreign direct investment.png
Historical Inward Foreign Direct Investment

FDI inflows are not necesarily always greater than the outlfows, meaning that the number of Greenfield investment projects could be a better indicator of the success companies are having in Mexico.

From 2016 to 2018, there was an increase of Greenfield Investments from 485 to 600 projects, representing a growth of 23.7% in only two years.

FDI Coahuila 2018

The state of Coahuila ranked 1st place in Mexico with the highest FDI per capita of $1,077.86 dollars through 2018.

True sign of competitiveness in connectivity, nearness to key markets and readiness in infrastructure, Coahuila has proved to be the favorite recipient of foreign investments.
(SE, 2019)

Top 5 States Ranked by FDI per capita
FDI Investments in Manufacturing (Torreón)
FDI in Manufacturing in Torreón

Torreon, being the largest city in La Laguna, has attracted the most FDI.

Since 2012, Torreon has been recipient of 13 projects, 325.5 million USD and 18,552 jobs.
(SE, 2020) 


Eduardo Murra Marcos

President, CIMACO Commercial Company Council.

Larry Boswell

Director of Operations, Milwaukee Tools

Laércio Pratali Jr.

Purchasing Manager and Construction Development, ALFAGOMMA.