Doing Business in Torreon

The metropolitan area of Torreon has characterized itself as a diversified economy with competitive wages and an entrepreneurial culture, which has evolved into a steady economic growth in the past decade.

Economic activity

Estimated GDP as of 2017 of $305.7 billion MXN (IRAE 2019, Citibanamex)

Manufacturing strength

In the region, Manufacturing represents 56% of value added, 72% of total production and 28% of total employees. (Política Industrial, IMPLAN Torreon)

Specialized industries

Five key subsectors generating 83% of manufacturing production and 81% of added value. (Política Industrial, IMPLAN Torreon)

GDP per capita of $214,459 MXN, 1.21 times the national average. (IRAE 2019, Citibanamex)
According to the Financial Times 2014 Foreign Direct Investment ranking the metropolitan zone of Torreon occupies the 1st position with the best investment cost-benefit ratio of the country, and the 4th of LATAM.

First place in productivity according to IMCO's Urban Competitivity Index 2016.

$6.07 billion USD in exports and $3.1 billion USD in imports as of 2014. (SAT)
$211.5 billion MXN ($11.06 billion USD) total gross production as of 2014. (Censos Económicos 2015, INEGI)

Key facts


With a GDP of USD 15.6 billion  and annual income per capita of $10,997 USD, Torreon positions itself as one the best places to start investing in Mexico.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)


Today, Torreon has become one of the safest cities of the country, where life can be enjoyed to its full extent and where authorities are working harder to mitigate crime.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)


La Laguna is the center of a logistical hub with access to the main borders of the US, maritime ports in the pacific coast and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as great access to the Mexican market.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)


A thriving society that never stops, 1.3 million inhabitants and a well trained workforce make the region a land of opportunity.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)


Torreón is well known for its great quality of life, and the warmth of its people. With one of the highest Human Development Index in the country, low poverty rate, high average income, and a high educational level. People in La Laguna enjoy a fullfiling life.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)


In times of global economic uncertainty, Torreon has been the destination of high value investment projects. Sign of trust to the city, locals respond with hard work and commitment.

GDP of 15.6 billion USD (IRAE 2019, CITIBANAMEX)

Economic Development Team Torreon